From the moment my step-mother Libby Parr was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, until she took her last breath in our arms, she was so full of impassioned living. There was no end on her radar. Only life, and she would live it fully.

I had to ask myself, were there others like her? It turns out there are.

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Denise Crum

Denise is a source of support for everyone in her life. You only have to mention her name and people smile. At least once
a week, you can find her at the golf course.

Arlynn Ward

Arlynn played softball right through her chemotherapy. Asked what had changed since being diagnosed with ovarian
cancer, she said she no longer deliberates, but just acts.

Linda DeAngelo

Linda regularly practices yoga, and she has the energy of a teenager. Linda has the fiery curiosity you see in ovarian
cancer survivors.

Gail Hart

Gail is a personal trainer, and ovarian cancer has not slowed her in the least. I photographed her just before she did a
half marathon...a year into her chemotherapy. She is simply unstoppable.

Marci Suydam

Home design is Marci’s dream, and she has been designing professionally for over 35 years. She has survived ovarian
cancer twice, and maintained the same work schedule throughout.

Jane Hrabal

Jane is a pro at theme dinner parties. As she prepped for one, Jane talked most about her family, and her breathtaking
fondness for them.

Leslie Duket

Leslie heads the cancer support groups at a hospital, and she recently celebrated five years cancer-free. I met her one
morning as she just finished a 12-mile run, in preparation for a marathon.

Linda Gayton

Linda is a gardener extraordinaire. She talks about her family like she won the lottery.

Fran Marler

I met Fran and her son on their weekly golf outing. She beamed when talking about how much time she gets to spend
with her family.

Valisia LeKae

Valisia is a Tony-nominated Broadway star, yet with no act of her own. An absolute joy, Valisia was recently declared
cancer-free and is back on the stage.

Kathleen Casci

I photographed Kathleen and her grandchildren in the same place she was married. There are many who say family
is everything, others who say health is everything. For Kathleen, family is health.

Ruth Nichols

I met Ruth at a local park. An hour later, we said our goodbyes. Then we talked some more. That’s when I realized I
had photographed Ruth doing what she loves most. Sharing the moment.

Kristina Anderson

Kristina competed in the Miss Arizona contest while undergoing chemotherapy. We spent the day hiking in Scottsdale.
High above the desert, and she was on top of the world. She had won a scholarship with a top-15 finish in Miss Arizona,
and will soon have her accounting degree.